From time to time everyone ends up with what I call a creative blank, when you just don’t have any inspiration and no ideas for new scrapbooks pop up in your head. It has happened to me dozens of times by now and you shouldn’t worry about it that much. There are many ways that you can unclog your creativity and get those scrapbook juices flowing. Uh, that sounded a bit weird, the way I said it, did it? 🙂

Great birthday scrapbook ideas that you can use

For example just recently I wanted to create a scrapbook for my friends 1 year olds birthday party. Trick in this situation is to use places like for example YouTube to find ideas for scrapbooks. There are lots and lots of YouTube videos and YouTube channels for that matter which specialize in the creation of scrapbooks.

This video in particular has been a huge help for me. I really like the interactivity of this scrapbook. The way that there are elements there like the photo accordions that can be pulled out of the scrapbook, or the little noted stringed along on a wire. These are the kind of things that I really enjoy in a scrapbook. My specialty by now are the creation of suprise pockets, with little note or other memorabilia about whatever topic it is that I’m creating scrapbooks. Anyway. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to show me what kind of scrapbook you’ve created.