You’d be surprised to know how much younger people with whom I talk to don’t know that much about scrapbooking and how to go about starting to create scrapbooks. I guess scrapbooking really is starting to go out of style and younger people are slowly losing interest in something like that. That’s why for my first post I should start by sharing a video that is a great 1 minute introduction into scrapbooking.

Good introduction to scrapbooking

This video from the YouTube channel Paperchase is a good 1 minute long introduction, something like a stop motion montage, of the creative process behind your typical scrapbook project. Here you can see how everything is done and what the end product of scrapbooking is.

If I’m being honest this is kinda simple scrapbook. I’ve done more complicated ones, with pop-outs and other more advanced techniques that I don’t want to get into now. If you are thinking yourself that this isn’t that impressive, it’s because it isn’t. Others much more complicated creations can be made and you can find YouTube videos of people doing those too. This video is just something for beginners to get into scrapbook creation. Hope you like it.