is a website with lots of cool scrapbooking projects and ideas. Robyn Cardon is a prolific scrapbooker, stamper and a crafter in general with over 20 years of experiance. Her website also has a YouTube channel with lots of video tutorials that are free to watch. Check this website out if you are in a dry spell and you don’t know what you next scrapbook should look like.

I use pretty much all the time because it’s a great resource that you can use to find premade backgrounds for the pages of your scrapbook. You can see what I’m talking about by opening up Pixabay and typing in scrapbook in the search tool. You’ll be presented with hundreds of empty background templates that you can download and use free of charge. How neat is that. Donations are welcome though, so donate if you can. is or should I say was my favorite scrapbooking blog run by Lisa Andrews. She is another scrapbooking officionado who has created some pretty amazing scrapbooks over the years. Sadly she hasn’t posted anything since the end of last year, and I think it’s a shame. I always loved reading her posts and of course, checkout the scrapbook projects that she worked on. Checkout her website and let me know what you think.

I’ll keep this page updated with new websites from the world of scrapbooking that I love. For the time being these will have to do, but I have dozens of other websites that are worthy of mention which will be added in the future. Stay tuned and make sure to check this page out regularly.