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Scrapbook Soup is the site for  scrapbookers, paper crafters, card makers and anyone interested in preserving memories through photos.  It includes instructions, videos, projects, and pages from the scrapbooking experts.

Scrapbook Soup Series 400

Welcome to Scrapbook Soup – where we mix it all up: materials, designers and techniques. This season our overall theme is “life style” scrapbooking.  Keep track of day to day moments and create a visual history of life in our scrapbook recipes.  Join host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and a team of scrapbook experts as they mix it all up in one great Scrapbook Soup.

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Make your own special occasion with a unique card.  First, Jenn Mason creates a photo card. Next, May Flaum uses a stamped image for her card design. Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer interviews Kazan Clark.  Then, Julie shows how to create a card background using photo corners. Last, Julie creates a card with a house shaped cut out.


Off the Page
Our designers are not content to stay on the page. First, Kazan Clark embellishes mason jars with die cut flowers. Jenn Mason talks with Julie about her creative process in a short interview. Next, Kathy Cano-Murillo shares her technique for creating a colorful sugar skull to embellish an album or journal. Julie shares a last technique using sugar skulls and flowers to embellish Halloween themed mason jars.


This show offers lots of new tips and techniques using stencils.  Create your own stencil and learn about masking with Jenny Barnett Rohrs. A short interview features Stacy Julian as she shares her system of “get it done fast”. Then, Julie demonstrates a layering technique using new stencil designs. Last, Julie shares more stenciling tips using stamping, painting, doodling and more.


See how new machines are making their mark on your scrapbook page. Kazan Clark creates a stencil with a die cut machine and then shows how to etch on glass. Julie interviews Jenny Barnett Rohrs about how social media inspires crafting. Then, Joe Rotella uses computer software to create a snowflake Christmas ornament. Julie wraps things up with a lesson on design featuring a scrapbook page picturing family members.


If one page is good, a whole bunch is better. This show focuses on books. First, host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses colorful paint pens to create an art journal page of doodled leaves. Next, Joe Rotella shares secrets of book binding demonstrating a piano hinge style binding.  Then, Stacy Julian makes a treasures theme album with gold glittery elements. Last, Julie uses an electronic cutter to make numerous triangle shapes to embellish a cover for an album.


Your Personal Touch
Add a personal touch to your scrapbooking to make it uniquely your own. First, Julie shows how to use your handwriting to add a personal touch. Next, Stacy Julian makes a pocket scrapbook with a flower theme. In an interview segment, Kathy Cano-Murillo shares her creative process.  Then, Julie uses colorful fluorescent pens to embellish a page with journaling and doodling. Last, Julie shows how to use watercolors to create a card for a pocket scrapbook page.


Mixed Media Techniques
Don’t’ be afraid to get a little bit messy. This show is all about mixing it up with mixed media. Kathy Cano-Murillo creates a color page with acrylic paint and water. Next, Julie demonstrates mono printing. Then Dina Wakley uses filmstrips, dyed cheesecloth and spray ink to create a page layout. Last, Julie uses office supplies and household items to create texture on her scrapbook pages.


Words and Lettering
Words and lettering can add an interesting element to your scrapbooking. First, May Flaum creates a canvas with a
stamped bird and word cut outs. Next, Julie has some tips for hand lettering. Then, Dina Wakley demonstrates paint and
ink techniques using a stencil with gesso and pattern resist. Julie has a last tip for embellishing and using letter stickers.


All in the Family
Guests on this show share ways to celebrate friends and family.  First, Kazan Clark creates a magnet board with bottle
caps. Next, Julie interviews Dina Wakley. Then, Stacy Julian shows how to make a family tree album. Last, Julie makes
pop up place cards.


Make Your Own Embellishments
Use cutting tools, stamps, pens and markers to make customized embellishments. Julie shows how to embellish paper 
flowers with watercolor markers for her page layout. Next, Jenn Mason demonstrates how to make fabric tape.
Then, Joe Rotella uses paper collage with scraps to cover a wooden tea box. Last, Julie uses several techniques to
embellish a paper tag.


Die Cutting
Cutting has gotten very sophisticated – the newest tools allow us to do things we never thought possible. First, Jenny
Barnett Rohrs demonstrates an inlaid die cutting technique to create card designs. Kazan Clark uses die cutting plus
embossing to create straw toppers and more. Julie shares a last tip for transforming die cuts with a variety of techniques
and tools, from doodles and stamps to markers and pens.


Paint and Ink
This episode features paint and ink techniques. First, Dina Wakley uses paint and ink to create a vibrant watercolor
background for her page layout.  Julie interviews Joe Rotella about his glass etching project. Then, Kathy Cano-Murillo tie
dyes fabric to use as a background for her page layout. Last, Julie creates a tie dye look with a watercolor technique.



Flowers fill this episode. First Julie embellishes tags with a floral watercolor design to use on a page layout. Then Julie
interviews May Flaum. Next, Kathy Cano-Murillo uses more flowers with her signature glitter style to add to her
scrapbook page. Last, Julie cuts and pieces flower designs to use as card embellishments.


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