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Scrapbook Soup is the site for  scrapbookers, paper crafters, card makers and anyone interested in preserving memories through photos.  It includes instructions, videos, projects, and pages from the scrapbooking experts.

Scrapbook Soup Series 200

Mix up a new season of Scrapbook Soup with series 200.  Join Hosts Julie McGuffee and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for great scrapbooking and paper crafting recipes.  Every episode is blended with a  generous sparkling of guest experts, spiced up with mixed media and has a dash of digital scrapbooking. 

The overall theme for this is season is journaling – think outside the box with us as we  look at words, phrases and thoughts,  and how they all fit into our scrapbooking. 

Feature topics for season 200 are: digital scrapbooking, mini albums, parties and garlands  and unusual page layouts.  Join us as we “mix it all up” in one great Scrapbook Soup.


Digital Scrapbooking
Learn how to use  software, online resources, facebook, twitter,  blogs and more in your scrapbooking. We begin with a  digital scrapbook page with Patty Debowski.  Then learn how to maximize your time online with  Joe Rotella. Next create a   petal picture using software and photos.  We finish up with “all about blogs” with Nancy Nally.


Mini albums – small in size – big on ideas.
We continue with the  overriding theme of journaling and words  but the platform is albums in all shapes and sizes. We begin with a teeny micro album. Then it’s a keepsake album with lots of pockets.  Next Amy Ballew shows us a unique storybook style album. And finally Joe Rotella is back  with an album for storing ideas.


Not a person in sight!
Not one photo of a person – find out how to journal and scrapbook without people. It all starts with a photo – but who says it has to be a person?   We begin with an embossed card with Marion Emberson.  Then meet Susan Lenert Kazmer for  a dress form collage.  Next Nancy Nally helps us update our design style with ways to make your scrapbooking more contemporary. Finally a photo of a building is the inspiration for a page. 


Quick and Easy journaling
Why we scrapbook  is an important  question.  It can be to preserve memories, chronicle events or can play an important part in the life story of people with memory loss issues such as Alzheimer’s. This episode shows ways to use scrapbooking  in your life and get those pictures out of your phone and computer. We begin with scrapbooking with a  purpose especially for those with memory loss.  Then its  unique journaling with Erin Madsen.  Next is a    lettering tutorial and finally  a page featuring dimensional flowers  with Stacey Caron. 


Coordinated Looks
There was a time when your shoes had to match your purse and  stripes were never worn with plaids; today’s style is a lot more eclectic  and old ideas of what matches have gone by the wayside  but  there is a design aesthetic  built around coordinating looks. We begin with a tea party with Rachel Carlson. Then its 3 coordinated looks from one collection with Mellissa Francis. Next, stamps and dies that match with Stacey Caron. Finally we have a way to enhance 3 d embellishments for a coordinated look with Marion Emberson.


Parties and Garlands
Today’s soup ingredients all add up to fabulous celebrations.  You can use your paper crafting supplies for lots of unique items. Stacey Caron is back with butterfly favors for a perfect party.  Then  make a banner with Tonya Lutz. Next  try a welcome banner from  old photos and finally wedding accessories with Rachel Carlson. Celebrate with scrapbook soup.


New Materials
New materials or flavors are the spice to any soup - and it’s the same for our projects.  We begin with  a wildlife photo frame on canvas.  Then we have new life for an old photo with embellishments from Stacey Caron.  Next add paint and more for a special page.  Finally it’s embossing on various materials with Suzy West.


Page Maps and Templates
When your creativity seems to falter, guides and templates  can be the jumpstart to your projects.  We begin with a  template for your doodles.  Then it’s a teen page featuring cut and fold techniques using dies with Stacey Caron.  We continue with a   formula for double page layouts featuring paint and finish up with cards from leftovers with Rachel Carlson.


Story Books
Every picture tells a story and so should every scrapbook page and album.   We begin with a butterfly page featuring  the story of a vacation.  Then it’s an altered journal  with Susan Lenart Kazmer. Next  create a jotbook of every day life with Nancy  Hill and finally  we create a party atmosphere with scrapbook papers.


Wall Art
Get out your photos and scrapbook supplies to create one of a kind wall art.   We begin with a framed kaleidoscope photo using software.  Then it’s a new way to hang pictures for wall art for all occasions with1 Marilyn Gossett.  Then we have embossing ideas for a broken glass look with Suzy West and finally make a kid’s bulletin or dry erase board.    All great wall art projects!


Unusual Pages
All pages are not the same!   They can be square or round, large or small, single or double -   there is a huge variety of page styles and sizes.  We begin with printing right on 12 x 12 paper in your printer with Patty Debowski.  Then it’s an album  just for postcards. Next make a special friends layout in a  new size.  We finish up a baby layout with a special element from Stacey Caron.


Transparent looks.
This episode features projects, techniques and materials for a transparent  look.   We begin with a card remake using transparent inks.  Then it’s see thru lace on a wedding page with Stacey Caron. Next, create all different tags with translucent embossing powders with Suzy West. Finally meet Jenny Barnett Rohrs for some hints on tools for easier crafting.



Add another dimension to your scrapbooking with  embellishments that pop off the page and 3 d home dec. We begin with a  birds nest basket with Susan Lenart Kazmer.  Then create  an all occasion card featuring 3 d embellishments made from a  mold with Marion Emberson.  Next  make a wood card box to hold  multiple cards for every occasion. Finally we build a  great wood organizer for your scrapbook desk. 


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