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Scrapbook Memories Series 400
401 Embossing Techniques
  Adding Motion to your Pages
  “Open Windows”
  Epson Computer Tips: Using Microsoft Word text boxes as titles for your pages
402 “Sailing the Mediterranean”
  Epson Computer Tips: How to add photos as a design element to your pages
403 “Vermont”
  “With Love”
  Epson Computer Tips: How to fill in Word Art with photos for creative titles to your pages.
404 “Beach”
  Transparent Thread Window – Orchids
  Epson Computer Tips: How to create the illusion of dimension while eliminating bulk from your album
405 Quilted Page
  Epson Computer Tips: How to use your scanner to create your own portable embellishments library
406 “Countdown Calendar”
  “Patriotic Star”
  Epson computer tips: How to get and use great fonts from the internet
407 “Dress Up”
  Epson Computer Tips: How to get the best use out your inkjet photo paper
408 Card Band
  Epson computer tips: Paper coatings
409 Sharon Ann Red Oak Page With Featured Journaling Piece
  “My Favorite Garden Flowers”
  Epson computer tips: How to get great freebies from the internet
410 “Thinking of You Card”
  Epson computer tips: How to rescue and restore old destroyed photo albums
411 “Waterfall”
  “Growing up in Holland”
  Epson computer tips: Making test prints before the real thing
412 Creating with Scraps
  Epson computer tips: Instant ink jet mosaics
413 “Spring”
  Green Embossed Textured Card
  Epson computer tips: Using 2-sided paper


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