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Stacy Julian makes a pocket scrapbook with a flower theme.

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Flower Theme Pocket Scrapbook
By Stacy Julian

12x12 Layout

You can get more scrapbooking done (faster) when you use a trusted design scheme and focus on the photos first.  I love using a scheme, where I simply visually divide my 12”x12” page into 3 horizontal strips, 4” tall and 12” long. I then fill those areas up with 4”x6” and 4”x4” photos and scraps of paper. When my page is covered, I add a few embellishments, a title and call it good. Using this strategy, I’m able to work quickly, get multiple photos on a single page and know that the outcome will be pleasing to the eye. This is one of my best scrap-fast tips!


  1. Start with a 12”x12” cardstock foundation
  2. Gather 4 to 7 printed photos
  3. Move photos around, playing with arrangements that will keep colors balanced and the eye moving around your page
  4. Crop or trim photos as needed, to make room for pieces of pattern paper or journaing
  5. Adhere photos in the corners first and work towards the middle of the layout.
  6. Cover up any gaps between photos with ribbon or washi tape
  7. Add embellishments and/or a title
  8. Pat yourself on the back …. You did it!

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Stacy Julian & Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

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