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Kazan Clark creates a stencil with a die cut machine and then shows how to etch on glass.

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Etched Glass Candle Holder
By: Kazan Clark
Level – Beginner

Inspiration/Description:  Create a custom candle holder by etching into glass with die template stencils

Materials needed:
GC-001 Grand Calibur
S2-048 Sprigs
Adhesive shelf paper
Etching Cream
Glass container
1. Cut stencil shape from Sprigs die template using adhesive shelving paper in Grand Calibur® Machine.
2. Remove inner shape from shelf paper and adhere the negative shape to the glass object
3. Apply etching cream over the stencil and allow to dry according to the manufactures directions
4.  Remove the stencil and rinse off the etching cream under running water.


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Kazan Clark & Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

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