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Suzy West shows how to emboss on various materials.

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Engraved Dress Form

Supplies needed:
WOW Embossing Powder—ULTRA HIGH
WOW Stamp
Embossing heat gun
Basically Bare Chipboard dress form
Versamark Pad

Press down the Versamark all over the dress form. Pour the Ultra high embossing powder over the entire dress form. Shake off the rest. Heat.

Repeat the process 4 times. Wait until the dress form cools off before repeating the process.
When you are getting ready to emboss your last time, have your stamp ready.
Emboss and when it’s really hot, press the stamp over the entire dress form.
Lift and you will have an engraved dress form. You can do this with all kinds of stamps.

TIP: Hold the embossing gun at an angle and not so close to start as the grains in ULTRA HIGH powders are thicker and can blow off.

Suzy West

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