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Nancy Nally helps us update our design style with ways to make our scrapbooking more contemporary.

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The scrapbook industry, just like fashion or home decor, is driven by trends. Here’s some of the latest trends that are showing up in scrapbooking:

Bright colors: After a few years of vintage-inspired pale and jewel tones, bright color tones - even neon - are beginning to show up.

Washi tape: Decorative Japanese masking tape, called washi tape, is very popular as a quick replacement for trendy paper strips in a design, or as a splash of color on a small item. Sometimes it’s even used for its intended purpose of adhering things!

Ombre: This design concept from the 60’s and 70’s, which utilizes graduated tones of monochromatic color, is starting to show up in lots of designers’ work as vintage influences in scrapbooking shift from earlier decades to those eras.

Chevrons: Most of us think of these as zig zags, but the technical design term is chevrons. This pattern, which is showing up in all-over patterns or as a decorative accent, is another influence from the 60’s and 70’s.

Hexagons: Quilting design elements have begun to filter into scrapbooking as sewing has risen in popularity. A trend of using all-over patterns of hexagons is one of the most obvious of those influences, and the availability of hexagon dies makes it easy for everyone to do.

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