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This segment with Nancy Nally is all about blogs.

Scrapbook Update:

Blogging Information:

There are many blogging services available to use, but the most popular ones are:

Blogger: Google’s blogging service is free, but you do have to register for a (free) Google ID if you don’t already have one to be able to use it. This is a good, solid, basic platform that serves a lot of people well, although advanced bloggers and tech geeks may be frustrated by its limitations. This free service allows members to utilize a somewhat limited version of the open-source Wordpress blogging software. Although the basic service is free, some upgrades such as the use of a custom domain are available for purchase. does have a few major limitations, including that it bans commercial sites and the use of affiliate linking programs is not allowed.

Typepad: This premium blogging service is popular with users of varying technical abilities. It offers multiple levels of service that allow different levels of customization for sites. Unlike the free services, Typepad offers personal technical support to its users as part of its services.

Wordpress (self-hosted): Surprisingly simple to use but not for the tech-phobic, the self-hosted version of the open source Wordpress software requires renting your own server space and installing the software on it. (Cost is similar to Typepad’s premium service.) Once that is done, a site can be as simple or as complex as the user would like - the possibilities are endless. Wordpress users are responsible for their own tech support and back-ups, but excellent internet resources and a premium back-up service are available to assist with those.

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