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Joe Rotella explains how to maximize your time online.

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The Web and Crafting

DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT:  Make background paper using shaving cream and dye ink refills. Put shaving cream on a paper plate, add some drops of dye ink (3 colors), swirl (like making a marbled cake), lay paper on it, pick the paper up, paper towel off the cream and you have made a marbled background. You then can use this paper to create several pre-made cards.

The Web helps make crafting fun and easy

  1. Become inspired – by friending crafting folks and companies on Facebook; you can get inspired by what others are doing. People share their projects, which gives you ideas. Look at virtual “crafting bulletin boards” or create your own on Pinterest.
  2. Learn something new – I like to learn by watching and YouTube is my favorite place to go to see how something is done. Search, watch, try it! I did that for this shaving cream technique.
  3. Stay connected – a blog is like an online dairy. Many crafters, not just professionals, share what they’re up to on a blog. I learned how to use aluminum tape and paint to create faux embossed steel then, used what I learned to create this mixed media piece. Why not start sharing your crafting journal by starting your own blog? It’s free and you can get started in minutes at or If you really want to stay on top of what someone’s doing, you can even follow them on Twitter.
  4. Have fun! The Web has so many contests and sweepstakes for crafters. You can participate in a blog hop or contest. I did and won a prize!

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