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Beginners’ Tip: Types of markers, storage and HANDWRITTEN Journaling
By Laurie Smith

There are many different sized markers for journaling as well as different types of markers for different surfaces.

1. A good beginning selection of markers is black ink in the following sizes:
.3 point
.5 point
.8 point
.1 point
.05 point

2. Storing your pens and markers is very much a personal preference. You can use a plastic desk top organizer form the office supply store. Other options include a clear show box, pen caddy, plastic bag. No matter how you choose to store your pens, always store them horizontally, so they don’t dry out.

3. Using your own handwriting on your pages.

Very few people like their own handwriting. It is so much more personal to handwrite on pages. Scrapbooking is not about having your pages look professional and perfect; it is about capturing the events in your life and telling the story.


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