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Vacation Treasures
By Stacy Julian

This is a wonderful project you can complete in an afternoon, to house favorite photos, trinkets and memorabilia from a vacation or other favorite destination.

Materials Needed

Wood box

Acrylic paint
Rub-on letters
Decoupage medium
Fiskars® Paper Trimmer
Foam paint brush
Small screwdriver
Craft knife
Sanding block or sandpaper
1. Lightly brush acrylic paint around edges of box top. Paint entire inside of box (optional) and let dry.
2. Using a screwdriver remove box clasp and hinges. Set aside. Trim small photos to 1 3/4” wide. Trim as many photos as needed to cover entire perimeter of box.
3. Adhere photos to sides of closed box using decoupage medium. Secure photos to corners with staples if needed. Let side photos dry completely.
4. Insert craft knife into groove of lid and carefully drag around box, cutting photos.
5. Replace original clasp and hinges. Use a paper piercer to create holes for re-drilling screws.
6. Position and adhere enlarged photo (8 x 81/4”) to box top. Smooth or reduce photo edges by sanding with sandpaper.
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