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Baby Flower Card
By Kathleen Hampton

Some of the most fun in scrapbooking can be had in starting and completing a small project in one day! This “topless” album is just such a project and the extra good news is, it’s also what I call a “two-fer.” From one 6x6 post-bound album, you get two mini-albums. Here’s how you do it:

Materials Needed

GV40155 Repositionable Adhesive Vellum

Inkjet printer
Sand paper
Dimensional dots
1. Cut out 8” x 4” from cardstock and fold in half for the card.
2. Print off multiple quotes on repositionable adhesive vellum and cut out.
Layer the quotes on the front of the card and trim the edges.
3. Cut out the flower from the cardstock and light sand the edges. Apply to the front
of the card with a dimensional dot.
4. Apply the vellum to the cardstock and cut out the circle for the middle of the
Flower. Cut out a smaller circle from the vellum and add to the larger circle.
Sponsor: Generations/Cardinal Brands

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