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Decorative Box
By Heidi Grace
Presented by Melanie Baue

Some of the most fun in scrapbooking can be had in starting and completing a small project in one day! This “topless” album is just such a project and the extra good news is, it’s also what I call a “two-fer.” From one 6x6 post-bound album, you get two mini-albums. Here’s how you do it:

Materials Needed

Heidi Grace Designs Vineyard Vines with Glitter shimmer paper with glitter embossing

Heidi Grace Designs Vineyard flower cardstock paper
Heidi Grace Designs Vineyard Heart/Round pins
Heidi Grace Designs Vineyard Large Flowers embellishment
Fiskars® 12” Euro Personal Paper Trimmer #96927097
Fiskars® Tape Runner #12-33897097
1. Wrap both the top and bottom of the box with patterned paper.
2. Cut a 1” strip of paper to wrap around the box.
3. Fold 1” of the paper back to reveal the white background and pin shut with the decorative pin.
4. Tie and knot ribbon around the pin.
5. Place a floral brad in the center of the closed strip.
6. (Optional) Create small cards for the inside of the box with scraps of paper and leftover embellishments.
  A great gift idea!
Sponsor: Fiskars Brands Inc.

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