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Epson Computer Tip: Saving Word Document Images as JPEG images
By Sara Horton
Presented by Barbara Kotsos

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You may have downloaded some of Creative Zone’s original projects and noticed that the self-extracting files contain Microsoft Word documents. Perhaps you would like to digitally manipulate these images in a photo editing program such as Photoshop Elements. With a few quick clicks, you can extract images as JPEGs to use in your one-of-a-kind projects! (Please note – this works with our older projects that consist of one image in a Word file. If your Word document has multiple layers you will have multiple files when you convert them to jpg format – you cannot “flatten” them.)

Here’s how:

Select the file you would like to download from the Creative Zone. Save the file to your desktop. Double-click on the self-extracting archive to open it. This will create one or more Word documents on your desktop. Double-click the document you wish to open.

When Microsoft Word opens the document, select File | Save As. Choose a location (such as Desktop) from the drop-down menu at the top of the box. This will tell your computer where you would like it to place the files. Next, select webpage as the file type from the drop-down menu and rename your file.

Saving the file as a webpage automatically creates an html document and a folder with the same name in the location you chose. In the folder, there will be two images – a thumbnail (image002.jpg) and a full-size image (image001.jpg). The larger image is suitable for digital scrapbooking and printing. This type of image can be opened and manipulated in a graphics editing program such as Photoshop Elements.

Note: Many of the Creative Zone project images are created at 150 pixels per inch. If you want to create a 300 pixel per inch image, you can paste the image four times and arrange as tiles on a 12”x12” page. Alternatively, you can create a new blank document that is 6 inches by 6 inches, 300 ppi and RGB color mode.

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