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Sweet Girl
By Jennifer Davis

Materials Needed

Fiskars® UltraShape Xpress Shape Cutter

Fiskars® Fabric Applique Templates for Shape Cutter
8” stretching frames
14” stretching frames
Heavy blue denim
Dark pink floral fabric
Pink paisley fabric
Checkered fabric
Yellow fabric
Light and dark green floral fabric
Pink ribbon
White letter stickers
White cardstock
Hat pin
Tissue paper
Paper piercer
Wide paint brush
Staple Gun and staples
Decoupage glue
Part 1: Assembling Wall-Hanging Canvas – not necessary to show on camera
1. Assemble frame, staple at corners with staple gun


2. Stretch blue denim fabric over frame, stapling on outside edges
Part 2: Decorating Blank Canvas
3. Attach large checkered fabric piece with staple gun approximately one inch from right side.
4. Place pink ribbon across bottom of canvas, staple in place on back of frame
 5. Lay yellow photo “mat” piece onto checkered fabric.
Part 3: Cutting Appliqué Flowers
6. Iron Steam-a-Seam2 (a stabilizer) onto back of all appliqué fabric pieces.

Note: To iron stabilizer onto fabric, pull one side of paper backing away from stabilizer, place rough side against wrong side of fabric, press with hot, dry iron.

7. Cut all flower pieces.

Note: Cut with fabric face down with the paper backing still on. Using the Shape Cutter with fabric takes a little practice. Plenty of extra stabilized fabric included for this. Cutting the fabric dulls blades very quickly. If having problems, first adjust blade depth – then if problem persists, replace blade. 

    • Cut 3 tulip pieces, one in dark pink, pink paisley, and checkered.
    • Cut 2 daisy pieces, one in dark pink, one in checkered.
    • Cut 1 daffodil piece with pink paisley
    • Cut 2 green stems
    • Cut 4 light green leaves (2 of each side)
    • Cut 2 checkered leaves
Part 4: Assembling Appliqué Flowers – all pieces can be laid on the canvas for this step. The paper backing can be peeled off and will hold flower pieces in place until decoupage step is completed.
8. To assemble tulip, layer dark pink, checkered, and paisley tulip pieces together at angles.
9. Line up the bottom of one stem with the bottom edge of the canvas about two inches from the left edge.
10. Place the tulip pieces at the top of the stem and the leaves about halfway down the stem.
11. To assemble daisy, layer the paisley daffodil over the checkered daisy. Place the dark pink daisy and the flower center on top. Adjust flower so that all petal colors show.
12. Layer checkered leaves and green leaves halfway down the stem.
Part 5: Decoupage
13. Place “girl” stickers on bottom left edge.
14. Place tissue paper-printed “sweet” over tulip.
15. Generously brush Decoupage glue over entire canvas. Use fingers to press out bubbles. Brush under edges of pieces if needed. Tissue paper will blend into tulip as the glue dries.
Part 6: Finishing Touches – once the canvas is dry
16. Mat photo on white cardstock.
17. Attach photo and mat to right side of canvas at angle.
18. Gently poke hole in center of daisy and insert brad.
19. Attach the hatpin with dimensional glue dots.
Sponsor: Fiskars®

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