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I Love You
By Jennifer Davis

Materials Needed

Accordion fold card

Love Stripes 1 : Reminisce
Lots O Love: Reminisce
Black cardstock strip
Light pink, black and pink ribbon
Royal watercolors and brushes
Paint tray
Waterproof black ink pad
Part 1: Placing Patterned Paper on Card

Cut paper:

Love Stripe 1: 3x3” and 3x1”
Lots o Love: 3x4” and 3x3”
Black cardstock: 3x1”

2. Attach paper to card: large stripe square centered on front, black strip and larger piece of Lots O Love on 3rd page, striped strip and smaller Lots O Love square on top of last page.
Part 2: Stamping Images on Card

Notes: Use waterproof ink). Practice on separate sheets before stamping. Use lots of pressure. Several stamps can be grouped together on acrylic block and stamped at the same time.

3. Stamp “I Love You” on front of card above striped paper. Stamp 3 hearts below paper.
4. Stamp grouping of four hearts on second page (can be done all together).
5. Stamp lips, heart with arrow, small heart, and “with all my heart” on bottom of last page (can be stamped all together).
Part 3: Watercoloring on Stamped Images

Notes: The only color used was red. Practice first. Use more water to get a pink shade. Watercolors can be dabbed with paper towel to remove excess or dark paint.

6. On the front of card, use a wide, wet brush and sweep across the title and hearts. Using more red, put detail on the middle heart.
7. On the second page, outline top heart, color in other three hearts. Using darker red, outline the inner edge of third heart.
8. On last page, use a wet, wide brush to sweep across stamped images. Add detail to the heart with a darker red color.
Part 4: Finishing Touches
9. Place two brads in top right corner of 3rd page.
10. Place rub-on word “True” on bottom of second page.
11. Thread ribbon through slit, use paperclip to embellish and hold ribbon in place.
12. Tie ribbon in bow on front of card.
13. Stamp and paint envelope if desired.
Sponsor: Royal & Langnickel

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