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By Jennifer Davis

Materials Needed

Paisley Kaleidoscope paper

Blue and lime green cardstock
Green gingham ribbon
Royal® bright butterflies rub-on transfers
Black ink
Royal® Best Friends stamps
Part 1: Assemble background

Cut paper:

    1. Lime green cardstock: 4” x 12”
    2. Blue cardstock: 11 x 4.25”
2. Place blue cardstock onto right side of paisley background sheet.
3. Attach lime green cardstock to bottom of sheet.
4. Attach charm to ribbon and adhere ribbon to page (Tape on back with clear tape or use adhesive runner on front of page.)

Part 2: Cut and Stamp Half Circles

5. Trace two half circles onto vellum using a protractor or other circle cutter. Cut out half-circles.
6. With black ink, stamp “friends” onto one of the half-circles with a butterfly onto the other.

Part 3: Apply Rub-on Transfers

7. Apply large blue butterfly on the half-circle with the stamped butterfly.
8. Apply three smaller butterflies (2 yellow, one blue) to other half circle.
9. Attach one half-circle to the top edge of page and the other to the bottom right portion of page. To attach vellum, use clear adhesive such as vellum.

Part 4: Finishing Touches

10. Adhere photo on left side of page at an angle.
11. Adhere journaling block on the lower right at an angle.
12. Attach flower to the bottom right corner.
Sponsor: Royal® & Langnickel

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