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Bling - Memory Tin
By Heather Lancaster

Materials Needed

20-7013 Rectangle Lunch Box tin

11-4339, 11-4350, 11-4347, 11-43624" Carved Wood Letters

24-6107 Treasure Beadz Periwinkle

24-3025 Microfine Glitter Sky

38-3605 Sizzix® Die Machine

38-0990 Large Die Flower Power Set

24-6240 1/8" Terrifically Tacky Tape

Black Ink
Black Cardstock

Trim a piece of patterned paper and ink around the edges. Use a sticker machine to adhere the paper onto the front of your tin.

2. Paint wooden letters and allow to dry thoroughly, then using 1/8" Terrifically Tacky Tape, wrap the edges of each letter. Dip each letter into Art Accentz Glitter. Use a glue gun to adhere the letters onto the tin. **I cut the letter 'I" in half so that it was short enough to 'dot' with a flower embellishment.
3. Cut 7 die cut flowers from Terrifically Tacky Tape, and 7 of the same flowers from black cardstock. Adhere the black flowers in place on the tin using a sticker machine.
4. Dip each of the Terrifically Tacky Tape flowers in Treasure Beads, pressing the beads onto the tape so that they lay flat. For stronger adhesion, warm the Terrifically Tacky Tape with an embossing gun. Next dip each flower into Micro-fine glitter. This will fill in any remaining holes on each flower. Adhere these beaded flowers on top of the black flowers on the tin. Place them slightly off center of the black flowers so that you create a shadow effect.
5. Finish off your memory tin by tying coordinating ribbons or fibers on the tin handle.
Sponsor: Provo Craft®

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