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"Doctrow Twins"

Materials Needed

Fiskars® Cassette Punch - Seasons

Fiskars® Paper Trimmer
Fiskars® Paper Edgers
Rub-on letters

    Select the duck, bear, cow and bunny cassette punch from the Seasons pack.  Punch one of each design in the four corners of the yellow paper.  Adhere the yellow paper onto a piece of blue paper so you can see the blue through the punched corners.

2. Using the same four punches, punch a row along 12x12 white cardstock, alternating the designs.  Do not discard the negative shapes.    Trim the white cardstock at the top of the punched row.  Set this strip aside. Add adhesive to those teeny tiny punched shapes with a small personal adhesive machine.
3. Matte the 5x7 photo onto a piece of 6x8 vellum.  Turn this over and place the teeny tiny punched shapes around the border of the picture in random order.  Adhere this matted picture to the center of the yellow paper with four blue brads.
4. Print out a title (on vellum paper) to fit along the strip of punched white cardstock.  Adhere the white punched strip under the picture on the yellow paper.  Secure the vellum to the white strip with two blue brads.
5. Use a rub-on letter to highlight the first letter of one of the words of the title.  Gently rub the letter over the vellum title and white strip.  Rub-ons adhere to layers of papers well.
Sponsor: Fiskars®

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