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Big Boy Bed
By Jennifer Davis

Materials Needed

Fiskars® Star Paper Crimper

Fiskars® Bugs Corner Punch
Dot paper
Orange kite stripe paper
Beach strip paper
Green paper
Yellow Burlap
Frisbee stripe paper
Journaling and title
Part 1: Collage Background

Cut paper:

Orange Kite Stripe: 8.5x8.5”

Beach Stripe: 12x4”

Beach Dot: 6x3” and 2x3”

2. Place Orange Kite Stripe paper in upper right corner
3. Place Striped paper along bottom
4. Crinkle both pieces of Beach Dot Paper and place one in upper left corner and other about two inches from the bottom right corner.
5. Fold down upper left corner and bottom right corner of the Beach Dot paper.
Part 2: Star Crimper
1. Cut green paper (back of Olive Plaid) 4x9.5”
2. Crimp with Star Crimper
3. Distress with sandpaper to make stars “pop"
4. Attach the crimped paper to page, about 2.5” inches from the bottom right edge.
Part 3: Bug Punch Squares
1. Cut 3 squares from the Large Frisbee Stripe (back) paper 1.5x1.5.”
2. Punch the corners of each square with the bug punch.
3. Cut the yellow burlap into 2.5” strips. Attach one in the middle of top edge, one in the middle of the right edge, and the other on the left edge, about .5” from the bottom of page.
4. Place bug punched squares on yellow burlap (attach with strong adhesive such as Fabri-Tac).

Part 4: Finishing Touches

1. Mat photos on white paper, attach larger photo on upper left part of page and smaller photo on bottom right.
2. Computer print journaling and title on white cardstock. Cut letters of title apart and attach to page. Mount journaling on orange side of Kite Stripe paper and attach.
3. String two fibers across bottom of page and one fiber vertically on the right. Attach fibers on back with clear tape.
Sponsor: Fiskars®

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