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"Deck the Halls" Accordion Card
By Stacy Croninger, Editor

Materials Needed

Roya® lAccordion Fold Greeting Card Blanks

Royal® Aquarelle watercolors- deep green, orange-yellow
White cardstock
Royal® E-Z Rub-On Transfers- “Peppermint Sweets”
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Royal® “Ransom” clear alphabet stamp set
Royal® Acrylic block
Ancient Page inkpad- black
Foam Layering Tape
Ribbons- assorted
1/16th inch hole punch
Stapler and colored staples
Optional- Iron
1. Add green and yellow paints to palette.  Add water and mix color to desired shade of green.  The paint should be very thin once mixed.
2. Unfold accordion card and add a wash of color over the entire surface of the card.  Do not try to make the color a uniform shade- lighter and darker areas add interest.  Set aside to dry.
Tip - If the card curls as it dries, iron it flat with a dry iron (no steam) set on “cotton”.
3. Cut selected rub-on transfers from the parent sheet and rub them onto a piece of plain white cardstock following package instructions.  Use a craft knife and cutting mat to trim carefully around each transferred image.
4. Punch a hole at the top of each ornament and thread on ribbon.
5. Adhere ornaments to each panel of the painted card with foam tape.  Staple ribbon near the top of each panel with colored staples so that ornaments appear to “hang” from the top of the card.  Trim ribbon ends.
6. Remove letter stamps from the storage sheet and arrange them on the acrylic block to spell out “Tis the Season”.  Horizontal and vertical lines on the block make it easy to keep letters aligned.  If there are not enough of a certain letter to spell the desired phrase (in this case “s”), simply leave a space for the missing letter, stamp the phrase, then fill in by stamping the missing letter- the clear acrylic block allows easy positioning of letters and images.
7. Ink the letter stamps with black ink and stamp front panel of card.  Clean the stamps if necessary.
8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 to spell “Deck the Halls”.

Tie up completed card with ribbon.

10. If desired, add rub-on transfers to the envelope.
Sponsor: Royal & Langnickel Brush Manufacturing Company

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