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Small Stuff
6x6 “Topless” Mini Album
Project by Stacy Julian

Some of the most fun in scrapbooking can be had in starting and completing a small project in one day! This “topless” album is just such a project and the extra good news is, it’s also what I call a “two-fer.” From one 6x6 post-bound album, you get two mini-albums. Here’s how you do it:

Materials Needed

One 6x6 post-bound album

Several 6x6 page protectors. These will likely come with your album.
Two yards binding material [twine, cording or thin ribbon]
Decorative papers and accents for your title page
Fiskars hand drill – if you intend to drill holes through the bottom of your album.
1. Separate front cover from the back cover, by removing the posts and screws, altogether.
2. Work with one of the album covers. Both the top and bottom covers of the original album can be used as the bottom of a new “topless” album.
3. Use the post holes in the inside flap as a guide, drill [I used the Fiskars hand drill] new holes through the bottom of your album. This is optional; you can still bind in page protectors with just one set of holes. Drilling an additional set of holes makes binding everything together a bit easier.
4. Tuck five or six page protectors under the small flap and line up the holes.
5. Bring your binding material [cord or ribbon] up through either the bottom of the album [if you drilled holes] or through the bottom of the page protectors [if you did not drill additional holes]
6. Pull he binding material all the way up and through the holes and then lace them back through the opposite holes. Repeat this two or three times, securing your page protectors to your album base. Tie a knot and trim any excess binding material.
7. Slide a title page into the first page protector. This becomes the decorative cover for your album.
Key Points to Remember!
1. Small albums and projects like this are less intimidating to a beginner.
2. Small albums are easier to “finish.”
3. Small albums are fun to display and share around your home. They make great gifts too!
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