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By Jane Guthrie for All American Crafts

Materials Needed

Prime Arts Limited 12" x 12" Craft Mat in White

Cardstock in white
12" x 12" scrapbook paper of choice
4" x 6" photo of choice
Delta Technical Coatings
Paint for Paper in Baby Blue, Chocolate Kiss, Dynamo Blue, Garden Green, Jazzy Purple, Just Black, Petal Pink, Red Blaze, and Sunburst Yellow
Tea Dye Varnish
Cloud 9 Design The Woodstone Collection
Alpha Stickers, Naples
Simple Thoughts, Love Stickers
Double-Time Brushes Plaid Striper, Size 8/4
Berry Maker, Small and Medium
Series 7300 Shader, No. 10
Series 7350 Liner, No. 4
Series 4550 Wash, 1"
Pure Bristle, No. 4
Compressed Sponge
Chaco Paper
Rubber Stampede Stamps, Butterfly and Swirl
Three 14" lengths of ¼"-wide sheer ribbon in ivory
Wimpole Street Creations Basics Itty Bitty Buttons in white
Glue stick
Glue Dots International glue dots
Double-sided adhesive tape
Cellophane tape
Tracing paper, transfer paper, stylus, palette, pencil, scissors, container of water, paper towels

Lay the mat board onto a flat surface. Trace the pattern onto tracing paper. Use the stylus and light pressure to transfer the pattern onto the mat board.


Pour a small puddle of Chocolate Kiss onto the palette and dilute with water to the consistency of light cream. Load the plaid striper with the mixture. Follow the pattern lines to lay in the wavy strokes (Fig. 1). Allow to dry.
Fig. 1


Dip the wash brush into the tea dye varnish and apply one coat to cover all of the strokework (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2


Load the pure bristle brush with tea dye varnish and spatter the entire surface of the mat board. Allow to dry.


Create a 1/8"-wide border around the plain edges of the mat board using the small head of the plaid striper and tea dye varnish. Set aside to dry. Clean and rinse all brushes.


Pour a small puddle each of Garden Green and Sunburst Yellow onto the palette. Mix equal parts of each and, using the liner brush, lay in the stems.


Trace the leaf patterns onto tracing paper. Use the Chaco paper to transfer the patterns onto the compressed sponge. Cut out each shape and place into water to expand.


Using one shape at a time, pat into the same yellow/green mixture as for the stems and press along the stems (Fig. 3), referring to pattern for placement.

Fig. 3


Use the liner brush and Just Black to connect the leaves to the stems.


To make the berries, pour a small puddle each of Baby Blue and Jazzy Purple onto the palette. Pat the medium Berry Maker into Baby Blue and, referring to pattern for placement, gently press the tip along the stems. Pat the small Berry Maker into Jazzy Purple and press at random onto the berries to form the centers.


Pour a small puddle each of Red Blaze and Petal Pink onto the palette. Add water to dilute each to the consistency of light cream. Using the wash brush, apply one coat of Petal Pink to both sides of the cardstock (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4

While still wet, crumple the cardstock, then unfold and lay flat to dry. When dry, load the wash brush with a small amount of Red Blaze and use a slip-slap motion to apply to both sides of the cardstock (Fig. 5). Allow to dry. Clean the wash brush.

Fig. 5


Using the shader brush, apply straight Red Blaze to the swirl stamp. Press the stamp repeatedly onto the cardstock with the images spaced about 1" apart (Fig. 6), recoating the stamp with paint after each application. Allow to dry.

Fig. 6


Use the wash brush to apply one coat of tea dye varnish to one side of the cardstock (Fig. 7). Allow to dry.

Fig. 7


Cut a circle approximately 1/8" outside the edge of each swirl image. Using just the tip of the scissors, cut small notches around each circle to create a petal effect (Fig. 8).

Fig. 8


Use a glue dot to adhere a button in the center of each circle to complete the flower (Fig. 9).

Fig. 9


Use a glue dot to adhere the flowers onto the stems, referring to pattern for placement.


Measure ¾" down from the top edge of the mat board and adhere one length of ribbon horizontally. Use a small strip of cellophane tape to secure the ends onto the back of the board. Measure ¼" down from the first ribbon strip and adhere another length of ribbon, securing in the same manner. Measure ¼" in from the right side of the mat board and adhere the remaining length of ribbon vertically, weaving the top end over and then under the two horizontal ribbon lengths, referring to project photo for guidance. Use a small strip of cellophane tape to secure the ends to the back of the board.


Select the appropriate letter stickers to spell out the name desired. Remove the backing from each letter and press into place centered horizontally across the page and vertically along the first ribbon strip so that the bottom edges of the stickers touch under the second ribbon strip.


Select saying sticker desired and adhere near the top right corner of the mat board as shown in the project photo.


Use the shader brush to apply Baby Blue to the butterfly stamp and press onto the mat board, referring to pattern for placement. Without cleaning the stamp, apply Dynamo Blue onto the butterfly stamp, align the stamp slightly off to one side, and press each of the previously stamped image to create a “flutter” effect.


Position photo of choice within the mat board opening. Once satisfied with the placement, secure photo in place with double-sided tape. To finish the page, select a sheet of scrapbook paper and adhere with double-sided tape to the back of the board.

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