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Epson Computer Tip: Scanning Negatives
with the newest scanners

It used to be that in order to scan negatives, you had to place them into an adapter unit and position the holder carefully onto the scanner glass.

There is something new, however, that makes it even easier to scan all of your old negatives. There are some reasonably priced new scanners on the market that are designed to make scanning your negatives much simpler.

The Epson 3590 is one of the new scanners. It has a slot right in the lid made just for scanning negatives. You feed the negative into the slot, you don’t have to mess with an adapter or even lift the lid. It could not be any easier.

• This scanner can also scan slides, photos, and the usual things that you can think to put on your scanner.
• It can also automatically turn what you scan into a PDF file or into an email, but it does need to be connected to your computer.

Consider going through your photo collection to scan negatives of meaningful old photos. It may sound like a hassle, but it will be worthwhile for those special events. You can color restore them, your photo prints will be the best they can be, and the longer you wait, the worse they’ll become. Future generations will be glad that you did!

Equipment/Materials used:
3590 scanner
R300 printer

Sponsor: Epson America

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