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Jack in the Box
By Julie McGuffee

Materials Needed

Fiskars® Large Frame Templates – Squares*

Fiskars® Squares Template
Fiskars® Shape Express
Fiskars® Self Healing Cutting Mat
Fiskars® Rectangle Hand Punch
12” x 12” Cardstock – White and Black
2 yds of ribbon
Circle Clip
2 Brads
Note: When choosing papers for your layout, look for colors and styles that complement your photograph and theme.

Using the shape cutter and templates cut five, 4” squares from black cardstock and four, 4” squares from white.

2. Cut a 2 ½” square from the center of each white square.
3. Starting ¼” from the edge of a white square, punch two rectangles ¼” apart at ½” intervals along two opposite sides down the center. Use this as a template.
4. Glue one white square to each black square at the bottom only then, using the template, punch holes along opposite sides of each square.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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