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All Dressed Up

Materials Needed

Morex Bobbin Ribbon – “all dressed up” ribbon, dot ribbon

Green and Pink scrapbook pages
Stickers – cute as button
Glue and adhesive tape
Paper trimmer

Trim pink page to 10”x4” using paper trimmer. If desired, tear along all edges.

2. Mark “button holes” on pink page space equally.
3. Glue buttons to button holes.
4. Tape dot ribbon to one long edge of pink strip. Cut 6” lengths and tie to ribbon.
5. Tape “all dressed up” ribbon to top and bottom edges of green page.
6. Glue pink strip to one edge of green sheet.
7. Make ribbon flower stem and leaves from dot ribbon. Make flower from buttons.
8. Outline one of the pictures with pink paper.
9. Adhere pictures to page.
Sponsor: Morex

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