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Lettering: New Techniques Unique Styles –
Address Books

Materials Needed

42-9847 Christina Cole 8x8 Paper Slab

19-1040 Punch n bind
19-1062 Black Combs
42-9862 6x6 Crafters Cardstock Block
Sizzix Machine
38-1094 eon-Toed Uppercase Alphabars
38-1062 Small Rectangle/Triangle Tab set
42-1200 Large Vowel Halfabitty Stickers
17-1111 Retro Bradletz
43-5515 Christina Cole Floral Stamp
4404098 Coluzzle Large Circle Template
Coluzzle Cutting Mat & Knife
Shrink Plastic
Ultra Thick Embossing Powder -Embossing
Gun -Clear Embossing Stamp Pad
Permanent Markers
Black Thread & Needle
Basic Book

Choose 15 sheets of cardstock from the 6x6 crafters block. Colors can be in sets of 3 or random.

2. Choose one sheet of designer paper from the Christina Cole 8x8 slab – trim to 6”x 6”.
3. Punch all sheets using the Punch n Bind – trim any ½ holes if desired. Choose one sheet of punched cardstock that contrasts well with your chosen patterned paper. Use the Coluzzle Large Circle template to cut a curved edge on the right side.
4. Ink the edges of the designer paper and the curved top cover.
5. Set all pages aside while you design the cover of the book.
Best Friends Epoxy-Look Title
6. 6. Cut ‘Best Friends’ out of Sizzix Pigeon Toed Uppercase letters. Trim the top loop off of each letter.
7. Rub the top of each letter on the clear embossing ink stamp pad, then dip immediately into the Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel.
8. Heat each letter with an embossing gun. Be careful not to over heat the letters as they will burn.
9. Adhere letters on the cover, leaving room to write above and below the title as shown in the demo project.
10. Dot the ‘I’ in your title using a flower Bradletz.
Shrink Plastic Title
11. Using the Sizzix Pigeon Toed Alphabet, cut ‘Junior High’ out of pre-sanded shrink plastic. Cut with the sanded side faced down.
12. Use permanent markers to color each shrink plastic letter.
13. Carefully , and slowly, heat each letter with the embossing gun. Heat one letter at a time, holding the letter down with a pair of tweezers or scissors so that it doesn’t blow away.
14. Place finished shrink plastic title in place on the cover of the book and mark the holes on each letter using a needle. Sew each letter in place, following these pre-punched placement holes.
15. Adhere the curved front cover to the designer paper.
16. Bind all pages together following the directions that come with your Punch ‘n Bind machine.
17. Cut 5 tabs with the Sizzix Machine and the rectangular tab from the Tab die.
18. Adhere tabs to every 3rd page within the book.
19. Add sub-titles and alphabet sections to the tabs using the Halfabitty alphabet stickers.
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