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Epson Computer Tip: Using scanned items as digital elements in your layout

Turn something you’ve scanned into a digital element, either to use in one spot only, or as a whole pattern. Maybe it’s an interesting embellishment or it’s personally significant – but to get it on your page, here’s how.

1. Open the photo in PSE (PhotoShop Elements), and trim any extra background.
2. Select Magic Wand tool, click on the background
3. Select / Inverse to isolate just the pacifier
4. Copy to clipboard with Ctrl + C
5. Save this as a new document by File / New/ Blank File and name; click OK.
6. To place on your new canvas, click on the new window, type Ctrl +V to paste. Save this and name as a .png file.
7. To use this as a single element, simply drag and drop it onto your page
8. To turn it into a repeat pattern, go to Edit /Define Pattern, click OK.
9. Click onto the layer that you want to fill with your pattern, and size it to 12x12.
10. Click on Edit / Fill Layer – and watch! It fills the page.

Equipment used:
Epson R1800 Printer

Sponsor: Espon America

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