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Stressless Scrapbooking
by Stacy Julian

To keep your scrapbooking projects simple, follow these general guidelines:
1. Use limited product
2. Use just a few of your photos [enlarge some of your favorite for emphasis]
3. Invest in versatile tools and generic/versatile product

6x6 Vacation Album
Do you have any idea how good it feels to create a small travel scrapbook the day you get your pictures back! You can do this – you have the time. All you need to do is keep it simple and follow these easy instructions. Stacy’s album is all about a weekend trip to San Francisco, but with these step by step instructions, you can customize your album to any destination!

Materials Needed

1 6x6 album with 10 page protectors

2 postcards from your trip
7 of your most favorite vacation photos enlarged to 5x7
8-10 additional snapshots – make sure everyone you traveled with is pictured here
die cut letters, photo anchors and bookplate
25 mini brads
5 sheets of 12x12” cardstock for album pages
1 sheet pattern paper
scraps of cardstock

Cut the five sheets of cardstock into 20 6x6” squares and set aside. These are the pages that go into your album.


Pull two colors from your postcards that you want to use throughout your album


Find cardstock scraps in these two colors


Select one piece of 12x12” pattern paper that coordinates with your color scheme and cut it in half [6x12”]


Using cardstock scraps, punch out the letters in the name of your destination and arrange on the title page. Use a photo anchor and brad to secure a strip of cardstock for a subtitle [optional]


Trim your 5x7” inch photos down to 5x5” and adhere one to the left side of each two-page spread. Use a photo anchor and brad on the lower right.


Cut the half sheet of pattern paper into one inch strips [each will be1x6”]


Adhere one strip of pattern paper to the top, right side of each two-page spread. Using two mini brads, secure a bookplate die-cut about 1/2 inch from the right edge of the page, overlapping the pattern paper strip.


Hand journal detailed memories corresponding to each photo directly opposite it on the right-hand side of each two-page spread.


Label the photo and journaling in the bookplate.


Trim and adhere 8-10 snapshots to the last three pages of your album – be sure to sign off on the very last page!


Trim one of your postcards and adhere to the cover of your album. Accent with metal photo corners [optional]


Adhere the other postcard to the inside front cover of your album, directly across from the title page.

Note: See Gallery section for inside album page ideas.
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