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Epson Computer Tip: PhotoShop Elements Quick Scrapbook Techniques: Erasing portions of Digital Elements

Here’s a cool digital technique. Erasing just part of an element can sometimes make it look more realistic. If you erase the center of a scanned eyelet, for example, to show the layer of paper underneath, it will look more 3-D. It’s easy to do with Photoshop Elements 3.0. Watch this.

1) These elements were layered into one layout by dragging and dropping. We’re going to work on the bookplate element. To do that, we need to place the layer with the bookplate on top.

2) Zoom in for a close up to make it easy to see. Click on View/ Zoom in.

3) Next, select the Eraser Tool . Click on its icon in the toolbox. We’ll choose the block because we’re erasing a straight shape.

4) Adjust the size of the eraser area by clicking on this line, then click on where you would like to erase. Erase part of the label holder on both sides of the plate. Now it looks like the ribbon is threaded through the back!

5) Go back to full page view, then print. Use 12x12 scrapbook paper and a wide format printer.

Equipment used:
Epson R1800 Printer

Sponsor: Epson America

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