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Pages For Kids – Teen Magnet Board

Materials Needed

13-3792 Wooden Magnet Board

42-4416 Christina Cole Rainbow Stripes 1 paper8-2400 Magnet 2 Ring Clip (we need just one more of these)
Sizzix Machine
38-1094 Pigeon-Toed Uppercase Alphabars
11-4349 4"Carved K, 11-4339 4"Carved A ,11-4343 4" carved E,11-4342 4" carved D
19-1035 Silent Setter
Black Ink
Black and Green Acrylic Paint
glue gun
scissors & Craft Knife
34-0403 Zision 12” Trimmer
42-7261 6x6 Crafters Cardstock Block 1
42-7260 12x12 Crafters Cardstock Block 1
Label Maker & black label tape
Xyron Machine
Spray on Clear Finish Varathane
Painters Tape

Using ‘Painters Tape’ and printer paper, cover the metal portion of the magnet board. Be sure to tape right into each corner.

2. Paint the edges and the top ½” of the magnet board with black acrylic paint. Apply second coat if necessary. Allow to dry completely.
3. Cut 2 matching 12” sheets of paper into 2 ½” strips for a total of 8 strips.
4. Position strips of paper on magnet board so that the stripes from both sheets are on one edge of the board. Trim away the extra length of paper on each side.
5. Run strips through the Xyron machine and adhere onto the board. Attach one side at a side, cutting an angle into the corners where the papers meet.
 6. Type your childs name with the Label maker and cover each of the seams on the magnet board with a strip of label tape.
7. Firmly press all paper in place and then spray with 2-3 coats of varathane. This will increase the longevity of your project.
8. Paint each of the wooden letters with Green acrylic paint, applying a second coat if necessary.
9. After the paint on the letters is dry, use a black ink pad to highlight the edges of each letter. Apply 2 to three coats of varathane to seal each letter.
Calendar Pages:  
1. Print out calendar pages onto cardstock. To make various sizes of calendar pages, adjust your printer to ‘custom paper size’ in the options box.

2. Cut large pieces of cardstock to 10”x 10”. These will fit into a 10x10 scrapbook or you can mount each page onto a 12x12 piece of paper and insert them into a scrapbook.
3. Mark and punch 2 ring holes into the top of each 10x10 page.
4. Cut 2x 10”” strips of Christina Cole paper.
5. Ink all cut pieces with black ink and assemble on page.
6. Create a calendar month title on each page using the Sizzix Pigeon Toed Alphabet. Attach alphabet letters using the Silent Setter and green eyelets.
Sponsor: Provo Craft

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