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Flower Girl
By Kathleen Hampton

Materials Needed

Adhesive Vellum

Flower pattern
2 sizes circle punches
1’ wide Ribbon
Scrapbook page
Tools: scissors, double-sided tape, ruler, craft knife and cutting board

Punch out two different sizes of circles from the adhesive vellum and layer smaller circle on top of larger. Apply these to the side of page.

2. Cut varying sizes of strips and layer them on page to create stripes.
3. Tie a bow in ribbon and add bow between stripes and dots and tape ends to the back of the page.
4. Take adhesive vellum and layer over cardstock. Cut out the flower shape. Curl edges of vellum to give the flower a dimensional look and add paper circle to middle of flower.
5.  Double mount photo and place on page with flower.
Sponsor: Generations™

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