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Parchamoré Card
By Julie McGuffee

Materials Needed

Fiskars® Parchamoré Starter Kit

  Fiskars® Parchamoré Baby Bonnet Stencil
  Fiskars® Mini Shape Boss
  Fiskars® Large Frame Templates - Squares
  Fiskars® Squares Template
  Fiskars® Shape Cutter
  Fiskars® Self Healing Cutting Mat
  Fiskars® 12” Euro Trimmer
  Colored Pencils
  12” x 12” Cardstock – Ivory Parchment
  Pale Pink Pearl or Blue Diamond Dust Cardstock

Cut the parchment cardstock in half. Score a line down the center of one piece then fold to create a 6” x 6” card.


Cut a 4” square from the center of the front of the card.


Make either two pink, or two blue frames as follows: Cut a 3 ½” square from cardstock. Use the 4 ½” square to cut around the opening to create the frame. Set aside.


Following the instructions in the Parchamoré starter kit, emboss and pierce two baby bonnets. Each design will face in opposite directions. NOTE: The design will need to fit into the 3 ½” opening of the frame, so you will not need to emboss the entire ribbon. Color the areas as desired.


Using the Parchamoré piercing stencil (#3 of 3) for the design, pierce a design in the bottom, right corner of the front of the card. Using the cutting channel in the paper trimmer as a guide, dry emboss two lines, 1/8” apart ¼” from the edge along the bottom and outside edges of the front of the card.

  Referring to photograph, assemble the card as follows:
With the “right” sides facing outward, align the Parchamoré bonnets back to back. Hold in place with tape (temporarily). Adhere one frame over each side, with the edges of the frames aligned. Trim the Parchamoré even with the edges of the frame.
Adhere one framed design over the opening on the front of the card, and then adhere the second at the back of the opening.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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