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Kaleidoscope Stain Glass Window
By Paula Hallinan

Materials Needed

Brass Stencil: XDAH-242 Circle Flower Medallion, by Heritage Handcrafts

  Pigment Ink Pad: Tusienko Splendor – circus ink pad with 12 colors
  Finger Daubers: Tusienko sponge daubers that fit on the end of your index finger
  Card stock paper
  Small sharp scissors – Fiskars
  Foam squares to add dimension – 3M
  Removable tape – 3M

Place stencil on card stock paper and hold in place either by hand or using removable tape.


Place finger dauber on index finger. Tap dauber into desired color on ink pad. Use separate finger daubers for each color so it won’t mix colors on the pad, Also, if the pad is new, tap finger dauber onto paper towel so that you don’t use too much ink to start.


Tap or swirl lightly into open areas of the stencil. Start with a light color, adding more color intensity if desired.


Using a new finger dauber for a new color swirl and blend different colors to create a stain glass effect.


Repeat process 2 to 4 more times, depending on how many layers you wish to create.


Cut the first layer. This is your bottom layer and it will have the entire design inked.


The next layer is cut out with the outside triangle cut out to create a “flower” look. Leave a small border edge of white when cutting out each section.


The next two layers were cut out using the stencil “flower petals” to guide you.


Turn the cut out segment over, inked side down.


Using a generous number of foam squares, on the back side, peal off protective paper and stick onto backside of each section.


Place bottom layer (complete circle in this case) on page. Place the next smallest layer, over the top of the complete window. Do not place it directly on top; offset the “petals”, turning the design like a kaleidoscope, so that the bottom “petals” show. Attach with the foam squares.


Repeat the process, offsetting each layer, turning the layers like a kaleidoscope so the “petals” will show.

Sponsor: Heritage Handcrafts

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