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Epson Computer Tip: Printing Photos to Fit into Memory Bracelets using Epson's Film Factory

Memory Bracelets are a unique way to share the photos you love with others! It’s easy to resize and print pictures for your bracelet using Epson’s Film Factory program.

Note: Memory Maker™ Photo Bracelets were used for this project. Find out more about the bracelets at .

First, you need to decide on a “theme” for the bracelet. The miniature frames can show off your family, pets, best friends, wedding, dream vacations, or heritage photos – the possibilities are endless. You can even scan in kids’ artwork, or short person notes to include in the bracelet.

1) Using Epson’s Film Factory program – crop your selected photos. Remember, the frames on the bracelet are very small, so you’ll need to focus in on your subject. Crop each photo into a square. Select each of y our pictures by clicking on them (they will turn yellow) then go to Retouch – Trim.

2) Once the trimming window is open, make sure that you have chosen “Free Ratio”, and move the marquee so that it is a rough square (you don’t have to be exact here). Click on Trim, and the next picture to be cropped will come up. Crop this picture the same way, until you have cropped all of your pictures into rough squares.

3) Once you have all of your pictures cropped, you can also change your photos to black and white or sepia by going to Retouch – Black and White or Retouch – Sepia.

4) Now you’re ready to print. Film Factory makes this so simple – just click on Standard Prints, and make sure all of your photos are still selected (yellow). Click on Print Assignment, and scroll over to choose User Defined. Change the width and height to 17.4mm, with a border of 1mm. Change the space to 1mm for width and height in order to leave a little room for cutting between the pictures, then click OK.

5) Be sure to change your printer settings by selecting the proper paper size and type.

6) Now all you have to do is cut the pictures out and assemble the bracelet. Pop the frames off by pushing a straightened paper clip through the holes in the inside of the bracelet. Slide the pictures in, put the frames back on, and your bracelet is finished.

Sponsor: Epson America

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