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Graduation Page
By Julie McGuffee

Materials Needed

Fiskars® Mini Alphabet and Number Punches


Fiskars® Scrapboss with Stencil & Stylus


Fiskars® Frame Templates – Squares


Fiskars® Shape Cutter


Fiskars® Self Healing Cutting Mat


Fiskars® Euro Trimmer


Fiskars® 1/16 th Hole Hand Punch


Fiskars® Rectangle Hand Punch


12” x 12” Dark Grape Cardstock x 2 - DCWV


12” x 12” Dark Red Cardstock - DCWV


12” x 12” Patterned Stripe Paper - DCWV


8 Silver Mini Brads – American Traditional Designs

  3 M Adhesive

Note: When choosing papers for your layout, look for colors and styles that complement the photograph and theme and for solid colors to coordinate with the background paper.


Mat the photograph and announcement with dark Grape.

  2. Trim ½” from two adjacent sides of the striped cardstock. Set aside.
  3. Cut mats for the photograph(s) and graduation announcement.
  4. Using the template, cut the number of 1”square required for your project from the dark grape cardstock.
  5. Cut two additional squares - 1 ¼” Dark Grape and 1” Dark Red
  6. Punch a rectangle hole at two opposite sides of each square. (Tip: Make a sample template in a different color paper then place this over each square for placement.)
  7. Punch the letters and numbers required for your page from a ½” strip cut from the striped paper. I had a very light shade of the grape to use for mine.
  8. Cut three strips of Dark Red cardstock about ¼” wide. The strips must be narrow enough to thread through the slots punched in the squares.

Referring to the photograph, assemble the layout as follows:

  9. Adhere the striped paper to the center of the dark grape background paper.
  10. Thread 10 squares onto one 12” strip of red cardstock. Adhere the letters to spell the word “GRADUATION” at the center of each square. Position the strip at the top of your page for the title then use the hand punch to make a hole through the strip and the background at each end. Attach the strip to the page with brads.
  11. Thread the number of squares needed for a name onto the second 12” strip with the first letter aligned with the first square in the title. Attach the strip to the bottom of the page with brads.
  12. Thread 4 squares onto a strip about 5 ½” long. Punch rectangle holes at each side of the announcement, then thread the ends of this strip through the holes to the back. Attach the announcement to the mat with a brad at each corner.
  13. Adhere the red square to the center of the larger Dark Grape square. Punch a star then adhere to the center.
  14. Cut the remaining strip of red in half then, if space allows, adhere one above the strip at the bottom of the page and one below. Adhere the embellished square to the center of these strips. Note: This is only possible if the graduate has a short name.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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