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Memories In Uniform
By Amy Alfaro

Materials Needed

Memories In Uniform laser cuts – Navy Officer hero & Navy tag set


Timeless Touches fiber & “Eyelet Friend” template


Cardstock – black, navy, gold




Photo turns


Navy Officer Hero Page


First you will need to mat your photo in gold cardstock, and then mount it on a solid black sheet of cardstock.

  2. Place photo turns and brads on the corners of the photo to anchor and decorate the corners.
  3. Adhere a thick piece of navy cardstock along the bottom of the page, leaving a margin between the photo and the bottom of the page.
  4. Mount smaller photos to the navy cardstock, and adhere the Memories In Uniform laser cut Hero to the strip, overlapping the photo and the navy cardstock.

Pocket Page

  1. Cut a 5 ½ strip of black cardstock, tacking the strip to another sheet of solid black cardstock, matching the bottoms to one another.
  2. Using the Eyelet Friend template punch through the two sheets of cardstock at even intervals until you have a border of holes around the pocket.
  3. Place eyelets through the holes & set.
  4. After you have set all of the eyelets take the fiber and thread through the eyelets using a backstitch. Anchor the start of the fiber to the back of the pocket using single sided tape, and then repeat at the end, once you’ve threaded the entire pocket.
  5. Photocopy or scan a relevant certificate to use on the front of the pocket page.
Sponsor: Memories In Uniform

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