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Shadow Box Page
By Julie McGuffee

Materials Needed

Vintage Alphabet Rub Ons – Royal and Langnickel


Valentine Collage Rub Ons – Royal and Langnickel


Soft Pastels – Royal and Langnickel


Soft Stencil Brush - Royal and Langnickel


12” x 12 “ Shadow Box Frame - Petals & Possibilities


Fiskars® Frame Templates – Ovals


Fiskars® Shape Cutter


Fiskars® Self Healing Cutting Mat


Fiskars® Euro Trimmer


Fiskars® 1/16 th Hole Hand Punch


12” x 12” Dark Brown Cardstock - DCWV


8” x 8” Tan Cardstock - DCWV


12” x 12” Beige – DCWV


12” x 12” Vintage Patterned Paper


Off White Cardstock


Bottle Caps – Design Originals


Magic Mesh Roll – Pewter


Magic Mesh Sheet - Gold


24” Twill – HOTP


Pearl Buttons – Wimpole Street


Square Pewter Brads – Making Memories


Wooden Tags – Lara’s Crafts

  3 M Adhesive – new Large photo corners, heavy duty mounting tape, tacky adhesive, stick adhesive and ?

Note: When choosing papers for your layout, look for colors and styles that complement the photograph and theme and for solid colors to coordinate with the background paper.

  1. Trim about ¼” from two adjacent sides of the dark brown background cardstock. This will ensure it fits snugly inside the shadow box frame.
  2. Tear about ¼” from each side of the Beige cardstock.
  3. Cut a tan mat about ½” longer and wider than the photograph. Cut a second mat from dark brown paper about ¾” longer and wider then the photograph.
  4. Use the shape cutter and template to cut an oval photograph. Use the next larger size oval to cut a tan and a dark brown oval mat.
  5. Tear a strip of patterned paper about 3” – 5” wide for the bottom of the page.
  6. Rub the appropriate alphabet letters onto the bottle caps. Flatten first if desired by tapping lightly around the rounded edge with a hammer or mallet. Short names can be spelled out, or use the person’s initials.
  7. Following the directions on the packaging, rub the “My Heart….” saying onto a scrap of off white cardstock. Tear the cardstock around the saying so it is sized to fit onto a wooden tag. Adhere to the center of the tag with stick glue.
  8. Rub one of the rectangle designs onto a second wood tag. (The tags can be the same, or different sizes.)
  9. Color around the edges of each tag with the dark brown pastel. Start with a small amount of color. Brush the color into the wood and over the paper and the rub-ons. Add a little rust color and blend. Keep adding color and blending with the stencil brush until the desired effect is achieved. The edges should be darker than the center. Rub over surface with a paper towel to remove excess chalk dust.
  10. Cut an assortment of coordinating fibers then thread through the hole in each tag. Option: Chalk paper jewelry tags, including the string and add to the strands of fibers.
  11. Adhere a 12” length of pewter magic mesh to the left of the beige cardstock about 2” from the edge. Trim as needed.
  12. Adhere the photograph to the tan mat then the dark brown mat, then adhere to the left side of the page, centering over the strip of mesh.
  13. Adhere the torn piece of printed paper across the bottom of the beige cardstock with the edges aligned. It will cover the bottom of the photograph.
  14. Place a 4” wide strip of gold mesh on the right with edge aligned inside the torn edge.
  15. Attach a 12” strip of twill along the top and bottom edges of the page with the square brads.
  16. Adhere the oval photograph to the tan oval then the dark brown oval. Offset the dark brown oval so that ¼” shows below the edge of the tan. Adhere to the page, centering over the edge of the mesh. Adhere three pearl buttons at the bottom of the mat with tacky adhesive.
  17. Fold or roll a piece of mounting tape for each bottle cap then use to adhere the bottle caps to the page.
  18. Adhere the wooden tags with mounting tape or tack adhesive.
  19. Attach a large photo corner to each corner of the dark brown cardstock. Use these photo corners to hold the layout in place while it is being displayed. It can be removed later and placed in an album and a different layout put in its place.

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