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Epson Computer Tip: Making scrapbook
pages out of your monthly calendar

Calendars are an item you can add to your scrapbooks to help with the little details, that perhaps won’t make a page on their own. There are numerous programs you can use to make calendars or you can purchase pre-made calendars. You can also use Microsoft Word to create a personalized calendar.
The first step is to open a Word document. The default page size is 8-1/2 x11” which you can use or you can change to any other side to suit your needs. We’ll make a 12”x12” calendar.
Open your Word document
Go to File/Page Setup
Set your margins all to ‘0’
Under paper size choose “Custom Size”
Change your width and height both to 12 (or whatever custom size you choose)
Next go to Table then Insert, and Table
The Insert Table box will appear, choose 7 for the number of columns and 5 for the number rows you need for your calendar.
Under Auto Format you can choose different styles for your calendar
After selecting OK your table will appear. Click on the resize square at the lower right hand corner and pull the table out to the appropriate width and length.
After expanding the table you will need to add Word Art so you can add a title and the days of the week. Click on Word Art.
When the Word Art Gallery appears select the type of font you would like for your calendar.
Inside the Word Art Text box you will choose your font type and size, and add your text for the calendar month and days of the week. Note: The month/year and each of the days of the week are all separate pieces of Word Art.
To enter the dates for the month, simply type directly into the table boxes.

Once you have completed your calendar you can use it as a template for the remaining 11 months. You will just need to change the month by double clicking on the current month and the Word Art Text box will appear. The monthly dates you can just type over to coordinate with the next month.

After your calendar templates are completed you can either print them each on Premier Art Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper from Epson, which comes in a 12”x12” size.

If you area wanting to add clip art to your calendar prior to printing you will first want to make sure your cursor is outside of any of the table then:

Go to Insert/Picture/Clip Art

When the Clip Art box appears you will type in your theme that you are looking for
Your choices will appear on the right side. Scroll through the choices by using the bar on the right side of the box.
Choose your clip art and click on it to highlight it in blue, then click on insert in the lower right hand corner
Once your clip art is on the page select it and on your drawing tool bar find the Text Wrapping (little dog icon) and select the Tight option. This will allow you to move the clip art around and position it where you want.
To add more clip art just repeat the above steps for each piece that you would like to add to your calendar.
If you want to add a photograph you’ve taken follow the steps for clip art, however, start by going to Insert/Picture/File. You’ll be able to choose a photo that you’ve take and stored on your computer or disk.
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