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By Julie McGuffee for Fiskars

Materials Needed

Fiskars® 12” Euro Trimmer


Fiskars® Border Punch – Sunburst


Fiskars® 3in1 Corner Punch – Lace­


Fiskars® Scrapboss with Stencil & Stylus


Fiskars® Frame Templates – Rectangles


Fiskars® Shape Cutter


Fiskars® Self Healing Cutting Mat


Fiskars® Euro Trimmer


Fiskars® 1/16 th Hole Hand Punch


12” x 12” Burgundy Cardstock, National Cardstock


12” x 12” Tan Cardstock, National Cardstock


12” x 12” Patterned background paper, 7-Gypsies


6 Brass Mini Brads – American Traditional Designs


Note: When choosing papers for your layout, look for colors and styles that complement the photograph and theme and for solid colors to coordinate with the background paper.

  1. Use the Scrapboss stencil to dry emboss the border around the edge of the burgundy cardstock. There are two border patterns on the stencil. Dry emboss two sides, then turn the paper 180 degrees to dry emboss the remaining two sides with the same design. To help the stylus glide more smoothly, rub the area first with wax paper. When dry embossing a design, always use the largest end of the stylus first, and then go over the pattern again with a smaller tip to create a deeper embossed design.
  2. Starting 1 ¼” from the edge of the border and 1 ¼” from the top, cut a square from the center of the burgundy stock with the paper trimmer.
  3. Cut a 1 ½” and a ¾” wide strip from the edge of the burgundy cardstock. Cut three, 1 ½” squares from the 1 ½” wide strip. Use the 3 in 1 corner punch to punch a design in opposite corners of each square.
  4. Cut a strip of tan cardstock 1 ¾” wide then into three, 1 ¾” squares.
  5. Using the Rectangle frame templates and the Shape Cutter, cut a frame for the photograph ½” – 1” wide from the remaining piece of Burgundy cardstock. Cut the inside opening of the frame first the same size as the photograph, then cut the outside of the frame with a larger size template. By using either the inside or the outside of the frame rectangles there is a range of 8 graduating sizes of rectangles.
  6. Cut four, 1 ½” wide strips of tan cardstock. Starting about ½” from the end of the strip, punch the Sunburst design along one edge of all four strips. The narrow strip that forms above the pattern can be cut away or left in place.

Referring to the photograph, assemble the layout as follows:

  1. Adhere the photograph then the burgundy frame to tan cardstock. Cut around the outside edge of the frame leaving a narrow border, 1/8” – ¼” wide. Then use the hand punch to make a hole at each corner. Insert brads.
  2. Adhere the burgundy squares to the tan squares, then starting at the center adhere one square to the ¾” burgundy strip and the remaining squares on either side.
  3. Cut a strip of tan paper about ½” wide for the title. Titles can be handwritten rubber stamped, or printed on the computer. Note: Titles should be printed on the computer first then cut. Trim the ends of the strip to desired length then adhere to the top of the squares. Punch a hole at each end then insert brads.
  4. You have now completed all three elements for this layout. Adhere the border frame to the background paper, and then adhere the framed photograph and title bar.
  Option: Wrap fiber around the frame using the brads at each corner to anchor in place.
Sponsored by: Fiskars

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