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Epson Computer Tip: How to place text
over photos using Microsoft Word

One great reason to scrapbook with your computer is the benefit of adding text right over your photos, an effect that can look really polished.

When you create digital pages, you can even use white as your font color to write over photos. This truly is something almost impossible to do by hand, layering white text over anything beneath. Or, you may decide to pick a contrasting color for your text, or one that ties in with another part of your page or coordinates with the photo.

Once you have a photo on your page in a Word document, add text by using the Text Box feature.

  • Insert the text box, and type in your text. Remember you can choose any font style or size you choose by choosing Format Font.
  • To get rid of the white background color of the text box, under the Colors and Line tab, and the Fill color, choose No Fill.
  • To remove the line around the box, under Format Text Box, choose No Line.
  • Then play with what color you would like best, by choosing Format Font, and checking out how different colors look.
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