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Old and New In Harmony
By Stephanie Hopkins for 3M

Materials Needed

Adhesives: Scotch® Scrapbook double sided permanent tape, single sided clear tape, single sided clear tape, tape runner, glue stick and photo corners (black)


12 x 12 colored paper


Ink Jet photo paper


Scotch® Keepsake Keeper 2-3/4” x 3-3/4”


Cloth ribbon


Hemp twine


Mulberry paper – tan


Parchment paper – tan


Lettered tags


12 x 12 Page protector

  Decorative scissors

Pick a base page color to correspond to your event. To bring old and new together take a photo of the site today to go along with your old black and white photo of the site or event. Make three prints of the current photo and place ½” down from the top of the page using the Scotch® Craft Glue Stick.


Using your ink jet printer and mulberry paper print the name of the location of the site. Cut using a decorative scissor of your choice and adhere to the upper left-hand corner of the page and on top of the photo border using a Scotch® Tape Runner.


Using the lettered tags and hemp twine thread the twine through the tags to spell out an appropriate description of the site such as “bridge”. Place on top of the photo border just below the mulberry label.


Create a custom pocket for your certificate using plastic from a page protector and Scotch® Double Stick Tape. Place the certificate on the plastic sheet and apply the tape about a 1/8” to ¼” away from the certificate at the two sides and bottom. Cut the plastic along side the outside of the tape and across the top even with the top of the certificate.


Determine were you would like the certificate on the page and draw a guide line even with the bottom. Turn the plastic over so the tape side is on your work surface.


Place the certificate on the plastic to be a guide for you to crease the plastic along three sides. The tighter the crease the easier it is to install in the scrapbook. Trim the small square of excess plastic and tape from the two bottom corners. Remove the tape liner along the bottom flap and tack the two bottom corners of the side flaps to the bottom flap. Turn the pocket over and install the bottom of the pocket along your guide line. Then remove the tape liner along the two sides and attach the sides of the pocket.


Using the Scotch® Decorative Tie Downs place one near each corner of the certificate. These will help to protect your certificate from crushing.


Using ribbon loop it around the first tie down and tuck in the end under the tie down gripper. Go from the first tie down and loop around the next three using only enough tension to get the ribbon into the gripper of the tie down. Loop twice around the final tie down and cut and tuck the end under the gripper.


Using either an original or copy of the black and white photo of the event or place, position Scotch® Photo Corners on each of the four corners of the photo before placing the photo on the page.


Using the Scotch® Keepsake Keeper place leaves or other memorabilia from the site in the keeper. Use Scotch® Scrapbooking tape to seal the edge of the keeper and to help keep potentially harmful material from reaching your photos. Remove the liner from the back of the Keepsake Keeper and adhere to the page.

  11. Use the tan parchment paper to create labels that include a brief story line to go along with your photo and certificate. Cut using the decorative scissors and apply using your Scotch® Tape Runner.
Sponsor: 3M

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