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Photo Box
By Sandi Genovese
For Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company

A photo box is a great vehicle for storing instant photos taken at a bridal shower. The photos are framed and backed with ribbon sandwiched in the middle. The ribbon is fastened to the box lid so that when the lid is lifted, the photos begin to emerge. The back of each photo is matted with a journaling panel that includes wedding advice from each of the shower guests. In this case, it’s important to think inside the box!

Materials Needed

  Stickers: Mrs. Grossman's
  Polaroid die-cut frame with label: Ellison
  Embossed Paper: Mrs. Grossman’s
  Photos: Polaroid
  Vellum: Mrs. Grossman’s
  Gold metallic pen: Sakura
  Permanent black pen: Sharpie
  1/4” eyelet punch: Making Memories
  Cutting mat
  Adhesives: 3M (foam tape, photo tape,
doubled sided tape)
  1. Punch a 1/4” hole in the center of the box lid with an eyelet punch.
  2. Thread ribbon through the hole and tape one end to the box top.
The ribbon should be long enough to accommodate the number of
photos you want to store.
  3. Decorate the box top with colored paper, torn vellum, metallic
stickers and an embossed sticker raised with foam tape. Layer
these elements on the lid (this will conceal the taped ribbon).
  4. Die-cut Polaroid frames and tape photos behind the window
openings. Label each photo with a permanent pen. Add metallic
sticker accents to the label area. Cut matching backs out of
coordinating paper. * Guests at the shower can write their
wedding advice on the pre-cut backs that will later be
attached to the photo frames.
  5. Sandwich ribbon between the framed photos and
backs with double stick adhesive. Leave approximately
an inch of ribbon in between each photo.
  6. Accordion fold the ribboned photos into the box
and replace the lid to complete the photo box.

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