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“Gone Fishin”
by Die Cuts with a View

Materials Needed
  Die Cut Overlays™ - Matchmaker Photo
  Metal tag
  Thin wire
  1. Take an 8”x8” matchmaker overlay and adhere one side of the overlay to the edge of a piece of 8”x8” cardstock allowing the other three sides of the overlay to open freely.
  2. Trim down four photos to approximately 3-1/2” square and mount photos in overlay openings, using the overlay as a guide of where to place the photos.
  3. While the overlay is still loose, wrap a piece of twine around top center divider and tie a hook made out of wire onto the bottom of the twine.
  4. Thread another piece of twine through a metal tag and tie to another divider. Write “Gone Fishin” on tag and adhere to page. After everything is completed, adhere down the rest of the overlay to secure photos.

Product Tips for:


Double mounted overlays are separate so you can match different colors to make a different appearance.
Entire line of “Matchmaker” products is available including, cardstock, patterned paper, matstacks, and cardstock strips. All in coordinating colors and designs.

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