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Epson Computer Tips: Border free technology.

Low-carb, 24-7, Hands-free, Fat-free. . . It seems that there’s always some new terminology we have to get used to these days. When it comes to printing photos, here’s another one for us to embrace: Borderless.

The term “Border” is another word for “margin” when we’re talking about printing digital photos. The border is the white edge that goes all around the image area of your print. In the old days, there were no prints without a white border. There was even a time when the zigzag cut of the border was supposed to be part of the appeal.

But we’ve come a long way on the whole topic of the photo’s edge. Not only at the film lab, but when you print your own photos, you can now opt for having no white edge and in a variety of print size options. And why would you want to print without the border? For a few reasons:

it saves you from trimming off the white edge if you’re using it in a layout
it gives you a bigger image size for your paper size

In order to print without a border however, you need 2 things:

a printer that offers the technology to print Borderless photos,
and the right size paper for the print size you want

An Epson PictureMate prints only a 4”x 6” size, and prints them either with or without a border. All you do is pick your preference before it prints.
A letter sized printer can print a variety of sizes. A wide format printer has yet more borderless options. It can print any of the following sizes right now: 4x6”, 5x7”, 8x10”, letter size (8.5” x 11”) and 11x14.

If you like the look, but you have an older printer that doesn’t offer the technology to print without the border, there’s a way to easily get the look with a product like Perfed photo paper. This usually comes in the size to make 4”x 6” prints. The paper is a little larger than the ultimate 4” x 6’ size, but is perforated, so that once you pull off the edges, you end up with something that is indeed without a border, even though it didn’t initially print that way. It works, though, and still saves you having to trim it with a tool. And to use this product, you don’t need the breakthrough printer technology to get the look.

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