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Epson Computer Tips: Sharing Photos - a great way to quickly share your photos (Fotos to Go)

Is the word out among your friends and family that you’re the avid scrapbooker? Have you been discovered? If so, that can really put the pressure on you, have you found that? Now every time you’re part of a group event, everyone looks to you to create that special photographic keepsake. . . . and everyone wants one! They say that fame has its downside, this may just be it!

Well, here’s a piece of advice that could make your life a little easier and reduce that pressure somewhat. Not every group of photos needs to become part of a beautiful layout that took hours to make! Sometimes, people just want copies of your photos! And that’s a much easier request to satisfy than a unique layout for each event. It also means that you can give your friends and relatives more photos of each event, if you’re not trying to fit them onto a layout.

Here’s an idea for a new product: adorable little mini albums that are designed to look like a book of matches. They hold up to 24 photos each, 4x6” size, and no embellishments are needed. If you choose to add some text, there’s room on the inside cover for a note or some journaling. They come with their own envelopes, and once stuffed, are ready to mail to your friends. The covers have different themes.

What could be easier or faster? First, print out some quick 4x6” prints. If you use a PictureMate you can even print the photos while you’re still at the event. You don’t even need a computer! Make enough copies of each print for everyone, by selecting the number of each photo you want to put in the booklet. Slip each photo into the Fotos to Go, and hand everyone an adorable keepsake album before they leave. Save your stamps for the albums you’ll send to people who couldn’t be there!

Sponsor: Epson America

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