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Epson Computer Tips: How to print photos from your digital camera

One way to get your photos into your computer involves using your camera and a plug. You take your camera while it’s full of photos, and connect it to your computer. The process of transferring them to your system is called “downloading”. That’s one way, but it still involves using a software program to look at them, and then to print them. It’s not complicated, but it is very slow if you have a lot of photos. There is a faster way than this that still involves using your computer.

If you take the flash card (sometimes called the “memory card”) out of your camera you can fit it into an adapter. You slide the adapter directly into a disk drive in your computer. Your computer needs to have that disk drive, though, and some older ones do not. In effect, you’re cutting out the middle man, that is, the cord between the camera and your system.

The cool thing about this is that you can always use flash cards to transfer or save files from your computer onto the flash card! But in this case, we’re transferring the other way around, from your flash card into your computer, to a file you’ve named appropriately for this set of photos. This is so much faster, but you still need to use your computer to get and print your photos.

The latest and most unbelievably easy system out there is the portable printer that quickly prints 4x6” or photos wherever and whenever you need them. One is a personal photo lab that works even without being connected to a computer.

Start by taking the flash card out of the camera. Simply slide the flash card into the slot that fits.

Next, you click on your options by looking into the screen area. It works by you selecting what you want, in the order in which you are being asked to choose. If you’d like an index card printed, start with that. This shows you a mini preview of every photo on the flash card. The index is handy for right now, while you’re deciding what to print, and also to use as a reference later.

You could choose to print one of every photo on the card, or, print one or multiple copies of just the photos you like best.

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